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The Dean's Office

of the Faculty of Management and Economics

The Dean's Office

The Dean’s Office is the central hub of the Faculty of Management and Economics.  The dean, the associate deans and the dean’s office representatives and team represent the faculty to the outside world. They are the contact for the members of the faculty, the interface to the central administration of the Ruhr-Universität and the point of contact for national and international interested parties from the university and non-university sector. In close cooperation with professors, staff, the student council, student initiatives and alumni, future-oriented projects are carried out and the faculty’s study and service offerings are continuously expanded. In addition, the Dean’s Office is entrusted with the demand-oriented management of the faculty’s financial and personnel resources. 

Through cooperation with renowned research institutions, foreign partner universities, nationally and internationally successful companies, and public institutions, the educational content of the Faculty of Management and Economics in Bochum is constantly adapting to the current requirements of an increasingly globalised world.

The dean, the associate deans and the team of the dean’s office look forward to welcoming you to our faculty.



Aktuell sind (noch) keine Team-Mitglieder eingetragen.

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Stephan Paul
Chair of the department, Professor

Vice Dean for International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Matthias Busse
Chair of the department, Professor

Vice Dean for Research

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein
Chair of the department, Managing Director, Professor

Vice Dean for Finance and Structural Development

Prof. Dr. Nicola Werbeck
Apl. Professor, Managing Director

Representatives for the theory-practice bridge

Prof. Dr. Devrimi Kaya
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Pellens
Chair of the department, Senior Professor

Representative for Study Affairs

Dipl.-Ök. Michèle Teufel
Scientific assistant

IT/Doctoral Studies

Dipl.-Ök. Thomas Ebben
Scientific assistant


Dr. Anna Talmann
Scientific assistant



Administrative Assistant/ Head of the Secretariat
Room: GD E-03/223
Phone: +49 234 32-21812
E-Mail: wiwi-dekanat@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

Administrative Assistant
Room: GD E03-223
Phone: +49 234 32-19638
E-Mail: vanessa.graen@rub.de

Research Assistants

Student Advisor

Support Staff